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Answers to all your questions

Is it necessary to have a building permit?

A building permit or notification at the building authority is always required.  The authorities are assessing each construction individually. You can contact us and we will help you with the arrangements.

Who manufactures iMODUL , where can I place order?

iMODULs are manufactured and supplied by FEMADA s.r.o. If you want to order iMODUL, check the contact details provided on our website and contact us.

What is the price for iMODUL?

Prices for iMODULs are different. It depends on the size of the selected model and its design. We will send you a price list by e-mail upon your request.

What are the delivery times?

Delivery times depend on  the current number of orders. However, we try to deliver the selected iMODUL within 3 months of signing the purchase contract and paying the deposit. The deposit is charged at 50% of the purchase price. Another 40% is paid after the completion of production and the remaining 10% after installation on your land.

How long is the warranty period?

​We provide a standard 10-year warranty.

I am interested in iMODUL, what should I do?

Call us on 00 421 908 710 704 or write to . We will contact you shortly.

What is the turnkey construction, without any worries about craftsmen?

When you opt for iMODUL, you save not only money, but also the amount of time and stress associated with classic construction and finding the best craftsmen. We will solve all this for you. We have concentrated the best of the best in our production, where the ready-made iMODUL will come from.

Where can iMODUL be seen?

If you are interested in seeing iMODUL, contact us. We are happy to welcome you in our production. This way you will have a perfect idea of the indoor and outdoor space looks like, the quality of workmanship and the materials used.

What about funding? Is it possible to apply for a mortgage? Under what circumstances?

There are several options. Mortgage loan if you meet the conditions of the bank. The house will be assigned a reference number and will be connected to the sewer. It is possible to use other types of credit, or entrepreneurs can negotiate leasing.

Is it necessary to have concrete foundations?

iMODUL can be placed on foundation slabs, foundation strips, concrete footings or ground screws.

How is the heating solved?

There are several variants and it depends on you which one you choose. As standard, we install floor electrical foils in iMODULs.

Is an electricity supply required?

If you have a classic connection on your land (with a power input of at least 8-10kW, fuse 3x25A), you do not have to worry. But it's not necessary. iMODUL can also be connected via a photovoltaic power plant supplemented by batteries. For cases of a longer periods of time without the sun /more than 2 days/ or with higher electricity consumption, it is suggested to supplement the photovoltaic system with a power plant.

What water supply do I need?

The classic water connection is ideal, another option is your own well or borehole.

How is waste handled?

The most common way is a direct connection to the sewer. Your own septic tank is also a suitable solution.

How much do you charge for shipping and installation?

The price of transport depends on the distance from our factory.

What is the lifespan  iMODUL?

From the view of the construction solution and the facade system, it is 100 years.

Can I order the interior according to my own ideas?

if  If you are interested, we can make tailored furniture for you according to your ideas. We can also supply your iMODUL with your requested IKEA furniture.

Can iMODUL be moved?

iMODUL can be moved, but is not intended for frequent relocation. If you are interested in relocating, call us. Handling must be carried out according to the prescribed procedure, which is also part of the warranty conditions.

How is iMODUL transported?

iMODULES are transported on trucks as oversized loads.

Is it possible to place iMODUL on a concrete roof?

Yes, it is possible if the statics of the building allows it. It is also necessary to visit the constructing authorities and do engineering network management plan. It is also necessary to have sufficient space for bringing and placing iMODUL.

Is it possible to use iMODUL as an office, garden house or warehouse?

Yes, iMODUL is versatile.

Is it possible to place iMODUL on a pontoon?

Yes, but expect higher installation costs.

Can we arrange the engineering ourselves?

Yes. But it is necessary to equip:

1. A visit to the municipal office, where you will ask for an opinion on what type of construction can be placed on the land of your choice (for permanent housing, for individual recreation, etc.).  

2. Determining the possibility of connecting to networks.

3. Visit to the building office.  

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