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Production of CLT panels in Papradno

Manufacture of prefabricated  panels and iMODULs from CLT in Rajec


CLT, ie cross-glued wood, is a building material with the best properties for modern wooden constructions. It is a  wooden board made of vertically glued layers of solid wood. Due to cross-lamination, they form a strong and stable product that can be used in both vertical and horizontal constructions. CLT panel is shape-stable, natural and ecological construction product.

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CLT panel  is a solid wood product with excellent construction properties. CLT boards are light, strong and fire resistant and can be used as a load-bearing structure of a house or apartment building  but  also as a visible inner surface of walls and ceilings.

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Wood is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials  in the world. The demand for it as a building material is constantly growing. With the interest in saving natural resources and the environment, the interest of builders in wooden buildings is increasing. Sustainable CLT panel  serves as a carbon reservoir throughout the life cycle of a house or building.

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The CLT panel is  100% natural product, it is beneficial to health, the CO2 balance is positive, 
it is also organic and sustainable, more resilient against fire than steel, airtight but at the same time air diffusing (quality indoor environment without mold), minimizes thermal bridges in the structure, and is relatively light compared to concrete and bricks. Construction time  is shorter compared to masonry or column construction, the construction is dry and fast.

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